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When is the US going to be on a lock down?

When I see the number of Covid-19 cases growing exponentially, in Italy and Spain and the countries that declared a lock down  in the last 24 hours, I wonder, when will the United States do the  NATIONWIDE LOCKDOWN?
The Latest country to announce a Lockdwon was by Indian PM Narendra Modi.The statement goes as follows:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a 21-day nationwide lock down starting at midnight Wednesday. All of India’s 36 states and territories will be under a complete lock down in a bid to tackle the spread of corona virus.The British Pm Boris Johnson ordered a lock down almost a day ago.
I think the United States of America should do a complete National lock down for of 3 weeks, (just like UK and India, have done) to stop this exponentially growing corona Virus in its track and NOT do it on a piecemeal basis.(Or a state by state basis). There is no time to waste, and time lost is lost forever.THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. There are some who are saying “Let’s get back to work ,Let’s get back to living”YES, the economy has come to a screeching halt, there are millions of employees laid off, companies big and small are in a bad shape financially and yes the hardship is going to be very small as opposed to getting control of this virus and saving millions of lives.We all need to listen to the experts and academicians, ’cause this Corona Virus can be stopped in its TRACK…NOW. NOW.When we do this the Doctors, Nurses and the professionals on the front line will have some breathing room. The economic fallout compared to the 2008 recession will be not as blown up as the one in 2008, when the financial systems were in trouble.(This was the opinion of former Fed Chief Dr.Ben Bernanke’, who studied the depression era economics)The companies are strong the fundamentals of the companies and the country has not changed.
When I see the individuals in Florida and California, sunbathing and enjoying spring break without heeding the authorities, I can only see how irresponsible they are.LETS heed the authorities and “STAY HOME and STAY SAFE”
YES WE can make this happen, one person at a time, Its a MOVEMENT, We cannot turn back the clock, but we can take this small step for “HUMANKIND”

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