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Unity in Diversity-My Opinion.

Just as India gets ready for Sunday night April 5, to follow the unified direction of PM Modi, to light up the candles at 9 Pm sharp.for 9 minutes, when all the lights are turned off and the candle lights, lights from Cell phones and diyas are lit…just to show a strength of Unity or solidarity in fighting the Corona Virus epidemic.(as of this writing the lighting was successful and was symbolic of the strength of the country, which cuts across religious and political lines). Even we as a family lit the candle around this time!!


We here in the US are still trying to figure out as to when we should open up the economy?
Dr Fauci surmised “as To why the country wasn’t under a nationwide stay-at-home order from Trump”.

“If you look at what’s going on in this country, I just don’t understand why we’re not doing that,” he told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, adding: “We really should be.”I do agree with the the fact that the economy is important– the second most important thing- after lives are saved. People are hurting – myself included and 16 million more people, (as of this writing) most of whom live paycheck to paycheck.I am sure apart from the legal issues the President can issue a nationwide lock down, given the fact that the stimulus plan is in place.There should be no rush to open up the economy, BUT AN EFFORT TO CLAMPDOWN ON THE MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE. and the virus per se because most all the the essential services are on, (like Grocery and Pharmacy stores and Banks) .We should have a standing order to lock down the country–Which in my opinion should have been done two or three weeks ago– The  Rolling ‘STAY AT HOME ORDERS” or “SHELTER IN PLACE ORDERS” is a haphazard way of handling the current crisis as I call call it Rock and Roll type of closures .. which will not further the efforts of stopping the Virus.
We need a concerted effort now that we are in the midst of the pandemic.Maybe we should petition to the President to tell him to send signals of unity, like the one sent by the Modi administration in India.
Just like I said in my previous writing, it takes a MOVEMENT, with the direction coming from the first citizen of the country. whether its by choosing a day to light a candle or in any other way which is not only symbolic, but also first steps that puts a dent in the current pandemic.
It should be a MOVEMENT –a 360 degree MOVEMENT..that cuts across political party lines and religious lines and more!!

By Krishna Chakravarthi

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