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Top 7 updates happened in the Digital Marketing space that can be really helpful

#1 Google moves hotel pricing chart into the SERP

Google is starting to show hotel price charts in search results. These graphs have been a popular feature of Google travel properties and were tested in search last year.

#2 Google brings ‘end-to-end’ food ordering to Search, Maps, Google Assistant

This is part of a larger effort to own consumer transactions and help users “get things done” on Google.

#3 Instagram Continues to Work on New Option to Share a Link to an Individual Story

Instagram continues to work on its option for sharing your Instagram Story via a unique link with a new variation of the share option in the back-end of the app’s code.

#4 Instagram Adds Support for Landscape Videos in IGTV

Instagram quietly refreshed the layout of IGTV, putting more focus on specific, algorithm-defined content recommendations, and less on search. And now, Instagram has announced that IGTV publishers will be able to upload horizontal format videos to IGTV, straying from its initial focus on more immersive, vertical viewing.

#5 WhatsApp Spotted Adding Option to Post Status Updates as Facebook Stories

WhatsApp is said to adding ability to allow the users to share their Status as a Facebook Story. The evidence of this upcoming feature was spotted in WhatsApp beta version 2.19.151, however the messaging app is yet to make it live.

#6 Google’s Updating its Search Listings with New Brand Icons, and an Alternative Ad Format

Google has this week announced a new look for its search listings, first coming to the mobile app, which will alter the visual presence of paid search ads, and add new branded icons to related search listings. Instead of the green text box ‘Ad’ listing on the first result, the ‘Ad’ notifier is simply bolded, which may reduce some clarity around what’s a paid listing and what isn’t, especially for those unaware of the update.

#7 LinkedIn Adds New Ad Transparency Tab on Pages

LinkedIn has announced the addition of a new ad transparency tab for LinkedIn company pages, which will provide oversight into all the ads a company has run on the platform over the preceding six month period. Content is the soul of Social Media, it’s the core essence which drives us to a platform every single day. Many brands fail to recognize it importance. In today’s fast moving world, people prefer ‘to the point advice’ rather than lengthy step-by-step road map.

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