US reaches COVID vaccine milestone of 100 million shots | Former BJP Leader Yashwant Sinha joins TMC Party

There’s rain at the end of the rainbow.

I cannot believe that it has been almost over a month of not getting up early in the morning and going to work.It was my daily routine, to get up at 4.50 in the morning and getting ready to be at work at 7 am.But now the whole thing has changed and I get up and go for early morning walks along with my wife and son for a couple of miles. Now that the parks are closed , I see that there are people jogging early in the morning and older folks doing brisk walking — Some people walking their dogs and trying to adhere to the social distancing norm on the path. 
But one thing I noticed is that the air is crisper and cleaner and , there are more friendly people than I thought I would ever see in my neighborhood. I have been always that person that I would say HELLO and ask the passerby’s name or even chit chat for a couple of minutes if they are in my close neighborhood.

One of the conclusions I can draw is that there is Hope at the end of the day,  there’s is rain when there is a rainbow. I can see that the pollution in the air is down significantly, the early morning smog is gone the grass looks greener not only on the other side but on my side as well..The flowers are blooming the birds are chirping, some times the squirrels are chasing each other up and down the trees or across the grassy yards. In fact I have heard the same music of the birds and the enthusiasm with which they are flying from tree to tree and branch to branch, without any inhibitions.
Of course there is hope at the end of the Rope and Rain at the end of the Rainbow. The Sounds of cars and other vehicles have been replaced by the music of the birds and the polluted air has been replaced by clean and crisper air , when you can breathe easily and freely, albeit with a mask.
May be ought to have more of this rolling lock downs just to connect with nature, on a regular basis.

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