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The Social Media Revolution in India Media

In India, every media has had a humble beginning; however, over time, they grew stupendously. We sent doves, we wrote letters, we listened through radios, we watched through TVs, and started networking through the internet. What next?With astounding technology support and the desi-zeal imbibed in every Indian, we have welcomed and are nurturing yet another media! This media enables us to chat, write, listen, watch, and network on a single platform— “the social media.” What socializing was in the past, social networking is today! Some might disagree to this statement

A survey conducted by a popular antivirus company in March 2012 among 500 Indians has revealed that the internet users in India spend online an average of 58 hours a week and they suffered from the absence of the internet within three hours of being cut off from the web. As per the survey, about a period of 15-20 hours a week is spent on socializing and e-mail activities on the web.

As seen above, every form of media and communication mode in India has grown up to a phase where we pioneer; social media is still in the growth and nascent phase, yet growing rapidly.

Professionally, social networking sites are popular among Indian users. About 88% of users’ classified their primary purpose of accessing social media platforms as ‘professional networking,’ about 75% indicated ‘social networking,’ while about 18% go online for ‘job search.’ Social media takes up a good part of an executive’s day—time spent online ranges between 30 and 60 minutes and goes up to 6 hours a day; however, it helps executives multitask productively

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