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Social Activity and the Current Pandemic

Craving Human Connection in Uncertain Times :

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, life as we knew it came to a screeching HALT . But human connections are more important now than ever. Human beings are a social species, and being unable to hang out with friends, relatives or see extended family members has put a strain on our emotions… and our happiness and our entire human persona per se. As per the 2020 World Happiness Report, the countries with the highest levels of social trust and social connections are also the happiest. That’s why the Nordic countries – where these strong connections are most prevalent – comprise half of the top 10 happiest countries in the world.

CountryHappiness Rank Happiness ScorePopulation 2020
New Zealand87.3074,822,233
2020 World Happiness Report

 (The U.S. doesn’t even make an appearance until No. 18.) As Aristotle said “man is by nature a social Animal”. So it’s no wonder the current lack of human/people interaction is weighing on our moods and actions. However, there is good news and light at the end of the tunnel.: Human connection isn’t gone for good. Even though touchless activities – such as food delivery, working from home, “go to meetings” in the corporate world – have risen in popularity as a result of the pandemic, people still crave live experiences, like eating at restaurants and cheering at sporting events, even watching movies. No matter how long social distancing guidelines remain in effect, (which has really put us in a very tight corner), in-person activities will have a strong comeback. Our species demands it… and our happiness depends on it.  In the meantime the human interaction is probably at the lowest denominator for all of mankind, but when you do get a chance make sure to make the most of it by saying  HELLO, SMILING, (even with the mask on), the connections you will make will be priceless and will be there for ages to come.
AS WE CELEBRATE THIS JULY 4 th on a very somber note, we should count our blessings and make sure that we do the needful to overcome this PandemicWEAR A MASK, BE SOCIALLY DISTANCED and still be smart enough to do the things we do on a daily by taking the aforementioned steps.HAPPY Fourth to all of y’all and stay Safe☺

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