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Protection for your loved one’s future.

Purpose for writing this message is to bring awareness among our community on insuring and protecting your loved one’s future.

As you all know, our community is growing very rapidly and with that we are seeing and hearing both positive and negative news across United States. We feel very happy and proud when we hear positive news but when we hear sad news it bothers all even though you don’t know that person or family.
In recent past, there were many incidents of sudden deaths of young persons who were the bread winners of that family due to health or unfortunate accident. This kind of situation is putting those surviving family members in dire situations due to the loss but also due to unforeseen financial burden.

Often it is observed that in our community, many of us DON’T have a Life insurance or Designated beneficiary or beneficiaries on their bank accounts or with their employer. They also don’t have a Will or a Trust or Health Directive.

In some cases, the wife, doesn’t even know what is their financial situation is. No clue on operating a bank account or how to write a check or how to pay a bill. Many spouses are not even a joint account holders on their husband’s bank accounts and don’t even know how many bank accounts or how much balance they have.

This is really tragic situation as many of the spouses (especially wife) are well educated and come to U.S.A. after wedding and take care of the house as homemakers and leave all financial dealings to their husbands. This situation is not helping them when the husband suddenly incapacitated or dies in unforeseen circumstances.

Recently, we have witnessed multiple families suffer because of sudden demise of the husband and the wife not having any access to husband funds or access to bank accounts extra. This has put the surviving members (wife and kids) in extremely dire situations and have to depend on friends and have to seek help from community to even send the deceased body to their hometown.

MY APPEAL TO EACH AND EVERYONE is PLEASE review your financial situation with your better half and MAKE SURE to have the following in place so you are better prepared.

a) Life insurance with a designated beneficiary or beneficiaries
Have a designated beneficiary or beneficiaries in your Bank Accounts, On work benefits and other financial accounts
b) Create a Will and Trust
c) Create a Health Directive (giving authorization to a trusted person to take a decision on behalf of you when you are unable) which is part of a Will document.

INSURANCE is to take care of unforeseen situation which happens without giving us any notice. If we can see or read our future then we don’t need any insurance.

Spread this message to each and every one of your friends, family and whoever you love or could benefit. Don’t put your loved ones or yourself in a situation that you don’t want others to be.

Prevention is better than cure. Spreading this message is better than forwarding a Gofundme Link. Please mitigate the risk.

By Kishore Ramaraju

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