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Orthodox Hindus are proven to be the most scientific people. . .

By Kris Chakravarthi

Orthodox Hindus are proven to be the most scientific people, because

They keep away to normal people by not touching their hands, just greet with a 🙏.

They keep away from other families who has birth or death for 11 days inorder not to transfer the bacteria.

Use turmeric in most of the things as it is most anti biotic. Follow vegeterianism…

They conduct #TrikalaSandhya or #Sandhyavandanam to purify air from harmful gases like Methane and to increase Oxygen levels.

They worship Tulasi or Basil which protects the depletion of Ozone layer.

They worship Desi Cows as Gomata which absorbs Cosmic energy and when some do rounds around a cow, increases positive energy and keeps diseases away.

When someone sneezes asks other’s to sit and have a glass of water,before they go out as the wet body cannot attract viruses easily.

Hindu Temple’s are built by great architecture which transforms the positive energy when we do rounds called pradakshinas. Dwajasthambam (Sanctum Sanctorum) will act like an antenna to broadcast the positive energy.

They follow fasting on every quarter of month which is called as #Ekadashi when the digestive system becomes slow. It also proved that they kill #Cancer Cells when we are on fasting for a few days, for which a Nobel Prize was also given for this observation which is being practiced in our country for centuries.

They wake up before Sunrise which is called as #Brahma Muhurtha and following a #Daily routine which is called as dinacharya helps to maintain the balance of Vaata, Kapha, Pitta (ThriDoshas). The imbalance of tridoshas cause various chronic diseases in the body, hence many people are suffering with many chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, obesity etc.. Which is due to lack of proper sleep, untimely food and other poor #LifeStyle habits.

What not, when we observe most of the thing’s followed by Hindu ancient people are scientific and getting recognized across the globe.

So these are being adapted by across the globe now a day’s.

Teach your children the value of our traditions, values not the value of assets or money. So that they can be ambassadors of Dharma to entire world.

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