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Looking for Blood Type A+ from a COVID survivor. Help if you can.

My Uncle, Dr. Veluswamy desperately needs your help.
It is with fervent hope that the Veluswamy family is making this urgent appeal for blood/plasma donation from anyone who has recently recovered from COVID-19. ANYONE fitting this description from Houston, Beaumont, or any neighboring place that is of driving distance, may be one who can save the life of this devoted husband, loving father, and doting grandfather of four! He is among the more than 2800 Texans that has contracted COVID-19 thus far! Dr. Veluswamy and his wife, Dr. Rama Veluswamy were long time residents of Houston before they moved to Beaumont. They are very active in both the Houston and Beaumont communities. Dr. Veluswamy is currently on a ventilator at St. Luke’s Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, Houston.
Blood type: A or AB
SEWA International: (281)909-SEWA Attn: PLASMA FOR VELUSWAMY
Family Contact: Dr.Rajwanth Veluswamy at
Asha Reddi at

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