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Hindu rituals and routines

Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. Unlike other religions, Hindu Dharma has many specialities. This is not known as a religion. It is known as SANAATHANA DHARMA. It cannot be destroyed by fire, weapons, water, air and which is present in all living and non living beings. It is a way of life which is the total of all ఆచారాలు  or customs and rituals. In every ritual there will be a component of spirituality.Spirituality is part of every Hindu custom in the normal life of every Hindu. Aachaaraas (ఆచారాలు) are to be followed based on their merits available from self experience; ఆచార్యాత్ పాదమ్ ఆదత్తే ~ పాదమ్ శిష్య స్వమేధయా ~ పాదమ్ సా బ్రహ్మచారిభ్య ~ శేషమ్ కాల క్రమేణ చ; This advice is given in శ్మృతులు.‌ It means a person gets one quarter of knowledge from ఆచార్య, the teacher. Another quarter he will get by analysing self; another quarter from discussing with others; last quarter from method addition, deletion, correction and modification of already known ఆచారాలు.‌ ఆచారాత్ లభతే హి ఆయుః ~ ఆచారాత్ ధనమక్షయమ్ ~ ఆచారాత్ లభతే సుప్రజాః ~ ఆచారో అహంత్య లక్షణమ్;

In India, everyone followed aachaaraas (ఆచారాలు) for the above mentioned psychogical, physiological, family  relation, social benefits and national integration based benefits. It is your right and duty to understand scientifically, rationality and logically the meaning of each and every aachaaraas(ఆచారాలు) and follow the same in your life systematically.

By Narasimha Charlu Peapully

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