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Friends of India Society International(FISI) Press Release.

Dr Surinder Kaul’s statement.

Hundreds of patriotic Indian Americans gathered under the aegis of Friends of India Society International ( FISI) in front of the Indian Consulate in Houston on January 26, 2020 to exhibit their support for CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). This support rally was organized as a counter for the protests staged by Indian American Muslim Council.

On this occasion , Dr . Surinder Kaul , International coordinator of Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora stated that the importance of abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir and Citizenship amendment Act were next best outcome after Indian Independence in the history of Independent India .

Anand Verma, a senior lawyer present for the support rally said “Today, 26 January 2020, India”s republic day, Indian Muslims planned to protest in front of the Indian Consulate, Houston, Texas at 2 PM. To counter this protest, the Indian diaspora also planned to counter this protest. I was wondering why the protests are. I wanted to have a first-hand understanding of the real reasons behind protests, so I with my wife reached one hour early at 1 PM at the site of protest. I had a 15-20 minutes discussion with the anti CAA protesters. One was an MBA and the other was Ph.D. in Genomics and a few more. They were arguing that CAA will take away the citizenship of Indian Muslims. What a fallacious argument? They have not read even the bare act! But one person came out with the truth: we are not protesting CAA, but it is an excuse to the public our pent up emotions from removing of 370, Ram Mandir judgment and Triple Talaq law.”

Sahana Singh, Director at Ishwar Sewa Foundation (ISF) turned up at the Indian Consulate to applaud the Citizenship Amendment Act for finally giving a homeland to the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who are being raped, slaughtered or forced to give up their religion. ISF has been working to rehabilitate the Hindus who are fleeing from Pakistan.

Sreenivas Joneboina, an NRI who lent his support said “Because Muslims wanted a separate country they took 2 pieces of land called Pakistan and Bangladesh. They must feel happily and live in their countries. It is not justice that they wanted to come into India again or crib for CAA. CAA is meant for the minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who are not Muslims which is sensible to anyone who has common sense. NRC to protect all citizens of India irrespective of religion. For all suffering minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, CAA is needed to save them from genocide. Hence I support CAA, NRC. Jai Hind!”

“Experience of it all – What I understand from the official CAA document, it is only humane to draw such policy to save minorities in the neighboring countries that encourage extremism. Talking about NRC, most of the nations have register for their citizens to ensure proper distribution of resources in the country. Reason for so much opposition is unfathomable for me. A true statesman, after long hibernation of other leaders, has shown courage to implement strong policies in favor of better India, no matter the repercussions. I saw the grit of these policies and I recognized it is my duty to stand by our prime minister in his endeavor. So I decided to join the CAA/NRC support rally. During the protest, I got an opportunity to hold my national flag for first time in my life. I was beaming with pride. It felt like I have a great responsibility as a citizen to serve my nation in any small way possible. This rally was just that; my chance to support something progressive and tangible for my own nation.” Anuja Deshpande, a socially responsible citizen of INDIA who was visiting USA added.

Outlining the reasons for support of CAA, Achalesh Amar of Friends of India Society International said “we need CAA because the neighboring countries are killing the minorities, kidnapping their girls and then raping and converting them, burning their houses and taking away all their possessions and means of livelihood. We are thankful to Modi government for giving these persecuted minorities from neighboring nations a life of respect and dignity”.

The event closed with singing of national anthems of USA and India by the gathering.

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