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Explosive Collision of Digital Marketing and Data Science

The Explosive collision of digital marketing and data science, and how it is moulding how we work and our day to day marketing tasks!
Every two days we are creating more data than what was created between the dawn of time! As humans we are creating an extraordinary amount of data, with only a few individuals who can monetise this data gold.
So how is this data affecting our digital marketing industry? It’s making an impact!! This impact is one that is going to continue changing how our systems work.
7 million bytes produced per second, per human;
5 quintillion bytes produced every day, worldwide;
Over the next 5 years, Paid Advertising will move from Cost Per Click, to Cost Per Conversation.
The amount of data is only going to increase, so deciding what to use will be vital. Editing is key!
This data surge will lead to a rise in the complexity of data sets as the industry is barely a decade old and has a long way to go.
Digital Marketing of Next Generation, explains how Data Science is going to impact our future, and continue to grow over the coming years:
’’Data Science is a real emerging job family and one that is only set to grow in the coming years’’ – Linda Davis
‘’The amount of data is only going to increase, so deciding what to use will be vital’’ – Morgan Cummins
Last year, Silicon Republic reported that Ireland is on the edge of a Data Science Tsunami . In the article, Ireland is described as a forerunner in the data science industry. With the biggest tech giants, Google, Facebook, Twitter and ebay, calling Ireland their European HQ home there is a need for data scientists, but a lack of graduates possessing these necessary skills.
Edel Lynch, Accenture’s head of analytics in Ireland is quoted in the article, “The data scientist is going to be one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century – it’s already an area in hot demand – but the teachers themselves weren’t aware of that,” . Data Science education is one of the biggest hurdles facing this growing industry. To help combat this issue, Accenture has joined forces with the Irish Maths Association, in order to encourage secondary school students to use maths and statistics as tools to rationally solve challenges in real-world situations. With a reported 21,000 potential job vacancies by 2020 in the industry of Data Science, an education in Data Science is urgently needed.
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