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Braving the storm By:Sravani Ramachandran

She was like a new boat, sailing in the vast sea;
She assumed it would be smooth throughout, nothing would disturb the spree.
She sailed around smoothly and she thought she was nearing her port;
Little did she know that life was soon going to play the spoilsport.
She thought she could brave any storm as her mast was quite strong.
But life was going to show her the contrary; about herself, she might have been wrong.
The smooth sailing was suddenly hit and she was taken in by the rough sea.
She was sucked into the waters; there seemed to be no way out for her to flee.
She was lost and thought it was all over; she didn’t know where to look out for her oar,
Little did she know that you can’t discover a new land, without first losing sight of the shore.
The sea took mercy on her and pushed her back to the disturbed waters.
She was glad to have made it and thought survival was all that matters.
She had braved the storm but still had to sail to her dock.
Restoration was to be done, she had to learn to face the aftershock.
She learned that survival was not triumph enough;
To be ready for the sea again, she had to become resilient and tough.
She started to set sail again, she couldn’t let herself to rust.
She might not be able to direct the wind but her sails she could adjust.
With this in mind, she mustered her strength and she set forth.
Trying to prepare herself for what the sea was going to show her henceforth.
Even in life, we need to know that every storm that hits us, also has to end.
We need to learn to brave the gale, defend ourselves and we just have to blend.
Its only when we have lived through the storm, we shall knowThat
the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.

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