To all my friends and Ngo organizations


Rajkamal foundation in memory Rama Suryakantham my sister a corpus fund contributor and also well wisher passed away in June 4 th due to old age causes.
To day on the 10 day we are supporting a farming project in Manipur through our friend David Gandhi and his wife Uma who have done several projects with us during the last two years .
This contribution of our should help in creating a sustainable income for future and will last about an year.
The goal of the foundation is to do about 1116 farming project through our friend and well wisher David Gandhi who is an agricultural engineer from Pune university and is an avid experimental farm Ed trying to help people in barren land through new technique.
We would like other like minded people to join . Please contact us.
As Robert Kennedy said.
Some people create history, other change history, but we all can be part of the history of time by doing our share of help and service to the poor and need . Our deeds will surely be recorded.
God bless all individuals and NGO’s for their service during the pandemic which has taken a toll.