The Emerging Field of DATA SCIENCE

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field of study that deals with the identification, classification, and the extraction of meaningful information from random unstructured data. This multidisciplinary field includes a combination of analytical, programming, and business skills.

What is the future of Data Science?

We all know for a fact that without data collection and analysis, everything will fall apart. Data is everywhere and when it comes to running an institution, be it a business company, educational institutions or government offices, there will be a lot of data which needs to be analyzed and sorted. With the influence of the internet in every field, the quantity of incoming data has increased so much that it has become a necessity to have a team of people to handle the data. Since there is a need for an increase in the number of people working in data science fields, various universities and colleges are offering Data Science majors and minors.

Importance for Data Science?

The primary objective of data science is to extract meaningful information from a large and complex set of data. Below are some of the reasons for the need of data science.

Data science enables the precise recognition of demand and helps supply adjust to the requirements. This benefit of data science is changing the dynamics of production worldwide. It helps companies determine when and where to sell the products. It also makes predictions such as which time of the year the demand for a particular product might go up. Designing individual customer experience is one of the most beneficial things brought by data science. It allows the sales and marketing team of a company to understand the customers; design marketing strategies and customer experience that meets the individual needs of the target audience. Data science helps answer tough business questions such as what is the number of customers that may go the competitor, future threat to the product, change in the preferences of customers, and more

Career Opportunities in Data Science?

Over five years after Data Scientist was declared the 21st century’s “sexiest job” and with substantial investment poured into data science and analytics teams, companies are wondering what they’re really getting for their money. Expect more shakeups if teams can’t show their ROI and prove their worth. For more details and necessary counseling on Career Path, reach out to Pratap Malladi @ +91 6301638012 /