Cow dung festival, a major draw

India is a land of festivals. Many interesting and attractive festivals are celebrated on different occasions in many States.

Tamil Nadu is known to have a variety of celebrations in its list. People of Satyamangalam in Erode district, celebrated cow dung festival in connection with Diwali festival. There is a 300-year-old temple of Veereswara at Talavadi near Satyamangalam. In this temple, every year during Diwali, the cow dung (Cow manure) festival is celebrated. People from four villages take part in the fest by throwing cow dung on each other. They believe that after the cow dung throwing, taking a bath will remove all their sins and farming will be successful.

It is also believed that the event will bestow good health on the locals. They poured the cow dung near the temple like a tower.

From the temple pond, a figure of demon Narakasura will be taken out in a procession on a donkey to the temple with much fanfare. People who put up different attires, after the procession reached the temple, throw balls of cow dung on the demon and also on each other. People of all ages will take part in the ceremony. Later after taking a dip in the temple tank they will have the darshan of the Lord.